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February 2017 : Program Details
Sun, Feb 19
9:00am - 10:30am
Fr. Bill Cieslak
Straight Talk Theology
Good Grief!
Fr. Bill Cieslak, OFM Cap

One of the surprising aspects of moving from a familiar, even if imperfect, worship space into a new church is grief! There is a sense of loss, even as we achieve the fulfillment of a dream. It’s a joyful moment, a major accomplishment, and an important step in our growth! Yet we might feel sadness along with the joy. How will we preserve the intimacy and bond that our historical worship patterns have created, while moving into this new and wonderful space?  


Fr. Bill continues with his focus on the Liturgy, in the context of our new church construction and how our transition from the present worship space will affect us. Fr. Bill will explore the meaning and implications of the building of a church (building) by the Church (People of God). It’s hard to imagine a better presenter for these topics. As always, if current events at or near the time of any presentation warrants it, Fr. Bill may address another topic instead of what is planned.


Fee: No set fee. Donations gratefully accepted at each presentation.   

Program Code: 17HCD38813
Good place for a control!